Kyokushin karate club “Mladost” Samobor and Croatian Kyokushin Karate Association have the honor of inviting you to the 19th International kyokushin karate tournament “BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL”.

←Note : this is not the official poster

Branko Memorial is a highly recognized tournament that has built up a reputation sit through nearly 20 years. The tournament is tough, challenging and well organized. This year it is the 19th edition, and the invitation, date and registration is ready…

The tournament is also known for their great hospitality, and every one leave with great impression. -and of course with a agenda to came back the next time!

Official Invitation(1) 2014

Registration 2014

Hotel Branko 2014

We give you:

Branko Bosnjak memorial retrospective (More clips and results under the video)

18th Branko Memorial

17th Branko Memorial

16th Branko Memorial

15th Branko Memorial




2014_Branko registration