Polish Team ready for EC

Around Europe the different national teams are doing their last preparations for the European Championship in Azerbaijan, Baku 30-31 May. Poland have always been a strong Kyokushin nation, and they have been working hard to raise the level further…

←Lemieszko Lukasz  and Marek Odzeniak

Shinkyokushin Poland grew enormous few years back, where the organization got many new Dojo `s Under the EC in 2011 Poland had only one athlete on the podium. In recent years, Poland has had up to four athletes on the podium, which is a significant  improvement. There are also some exciting new profiles that can make a difference in the EC, but as always everyone does their preparedness well – so it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. (more under the picture)

Poland will also host next year’s European championships, and as everyone knows 2015 is also the world championships this year, which makes it so that competition is sharper than ever. Do not forget to visit the Shinkyokushin Poland website, there you will find more pictures from the national team camp 1-3 May. Pictures are from the Shinkyokushin Poland website.

Som of the Polish fighters video gallery : Marek Odzeniak , Maciej Mazur , Marek Wolny.