Grading Test Kumite 2014, Johnny Desmedt, France

One of France’s best fighters from mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s Johnny Desmedt, two times vice champion in the European Championship and champion in tournaments as French Open (All organizations) Bayeux International Open, European Open Championship/Kamakura.

Se videos from his career, and last but not least :

Johnny Desmedt Grading Test Kumite 2014, April.

First some old clip to warm you up! This clip is from the European Championship in Denmark in 1999. Desmedt also participated in the World Tournament this year, where he lost to well known All Japan Open winner Tadashi Ishihara.

Next clip is from 2003. This is the final in Bayeux International Open, against David Gejadze from Georgia (we think). This year Johnny Desmedt participated in the 8th World Tournament. He advanced through his first round against R.Eliah from Malawi, and lost his next fight once again to a Japanese top fighter, Taishi Watanabe.


Johnny Desmedt Grading Test Kumite 2014, April 26th and 27th
France, Saint-Pierre des Corps,
Seminar and grading with Shihan Jesus TALAN