17th Greek Shin-kyokushinkai Summer camp,25-29 June Skiathos 2014

The 25-29. June, the Greek summer camp will be held, and it is the seventeenth year in a row the camp is held. In 2008 Kenji Midori Shihan visited the Greek camp,together with his Sensei Yasukazu Koi and Sempai Syohei Yamano This was not the first time Shihan Midori was attending at the camp, also i 1999, 2000 and 2004. Apart from Midori Shihan, there have been many highly skilled top instructors over the years…

Video from last year and more..scroll down..  update info!

17 years of speaks of tradition an quality. And not all countries can back up their Summer camp with so exotic environment! The organizers, the Greek Kyokushinkai Karate Association keeps a good setting, and have built up the camp for many years.

This is for all to see an amazing instructor list that have participated over the years. And in addition to this, the Greek instructors, who are always onsite to help. Plus, despite this incredible list probably not all are mentioned ..The Greek Camp have the last years been guided by Shihan Cyril Andrews, who are one of the instructors  who seems to bee on regular basis the last summer Camps. Click picture Greek and stay update↓

To name a “few”

  • Shihan Howard Collins
  • Shihan Cyril Andrews
  • Shihan Michael Soderkvist
  • Shihan Jan Bulow
  • Shihan Furko Kalman
  • Shihan Kenji Sampei
  • Shihan Shinichi Sotodate
  • Shihan Kazuo Miyoshi
  • Shihan Alexander Goncharenko
  • Sensei George Kosmidis
  • Sensei Kazuhito Yamano
  • Sensei Mageranov George