This is Karate – Christmas 2013-2014

Karate, a hobby, a training method, a self-defense system, a way of life. It is natural that you will get different answers by asking different people who practice Karate. But by getting many responses, we also understand that Karate means a great deal. And does mean a lot for very many people. It will probably always be different opinions on this, but one thing is whatever right. By practicing Karate the feeling should be great, no matter what it means to you… videos


Below are a few videos, two of them with the title “This is Karate” Two great videos of Karate, but most of the focus on Kumite techniques and training to Kumite. We must remember that Karate are more than win or loose in tournaments. I think if we use Karate correct, we will always win  in our life…Osu