1999 Russia,The first Openweight Championship video

18/4-1999 in Moscow, Russia hosted the first championship in the Open category.Open Weight tournaments have always been extraordinary. To meet whoever it may be, smaller or bigger than yourself with the same mindset in the tournament – is something of a warrior’s path. If we think about how the martial arts world most often have weight classes with small differences. But Kyokushin Karate is more than combat sport .. It is Budo, and we have a different mindsets in Budo. See Grigoryev,Karasyuk,Shevchenko,and more..

Video from www.superkarate.ru

Resuls :

  1. Victor Stepanovich Karasyuk
  2. Denis Grigoriev
  3. Roman Reznik
  4. Abdurashid Khidirov