It`s on! Diamond Cup 2018!

The new year will for sure start with a bang! The number of registered participants is now more than 220, and it will probably not stop there! It is also of great interest to see that practitioners from Ashihara Karate from several nations have joined. Among twenty countries have signed in, and many strong nations with their profiles are ready to top this years Diamond Cup! Europe are represented, so are Russia and Japan with more..!

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Shihan Virpi Alajarva Gasshuku 2018

For the 6th time, January 26 – January 28, 2018, Kiruna Kyokushi Karate – the most northern club in Sweden, organized their training camp with Shihan Virpi Alajarva 5 dan. The camp are getting more and more popular, and last year gathered about 80 practitioners through weekend, from 7 Dojo`s – Bollebygd (Göteborg), Luleå, Piteå, Söråker, Skellefteå, Tornio (Finland) And of course from Kiruna. Are you ready?

Shihan Virpi Alajarva 5th Dan

Kiruna 26th – 28th, 2018 – Gasshuku 2018

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WKO Kagami Biraki – New Year Training 2018

The annual New Year’s training is completed. The training was led by WKO Shinkyokushinkai its own president, Midori Kenji Shihan 8.Dan. During the training top Shinkyokushinkai Karatekas preformed demonstration at top level with Kata and Kumite. Midori Kenji Shihan led the Hihon session before a Kumite demonstration by World Champion Yuji Shimamoto and vice World Champion Kembu Iriki.

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Rankings 2017!

An amazing job done ranking all the fighters of the world! We stated that it is not possible to do so longer regarding to all tournaments and organizations – luckily we had totally wrong! To have control and overview over the 100 best male fighters in four categories, and thirty of the best female fighters in three categories are really impressing. The most of you have seen it already, but just in case Check out Kyokushin Fighters. an extended arm from kyokushin results!

Scandinavian brown & blackbelt camp 2018

The annual brown and black belt camp will be held 3-4 March 2018. Shihan Howard Collins will once again share his knowledge and expand the horizon to the participants. Do not miss the opportunity to train with Collins Shihan, a man that have studied Kyokushinkai Karate longer than the most, and done some directly under Sosai Mas Oyama. Not many have this experience and knowledge into the deeper meaning of Kyokushinkai Karate.

March 3rd -4th at Göteborgs Karate Kai.

Times: SAT. 16.00–19.00 and SUN. 09.30–12.30

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Valeri Dimitrov and An Polimeno – French seminar

To create further development The French Shinkyokshin Karate organization invites top level instructors to their national seminar in June 8-10th.

Valeri Dimitrov Sensei, Bulgaria. The best fighter in the World for many years, unbreakable records..

An Driesens, Polimeno, Switzerland*.  The reign European Champion and six times Belgian Kata champion.

Info from French Shinkyokushin website link.

Women Finals of the year 2017 – Inspirations..

As in the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2017. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. World Championships, European Championships, Open tournaments – it`s all there!

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Finals of the year 2017 – Inspirations..

Once again a very active year has been completed, and World Tournaments, European tournaments, open`s have been organized, and held all over the world. It is sad to confess that one can not see every tournament!! Some many skilled athletes and competitors with unbelievable hard work. We have tried to pick some of the fights that we will give some extra attention..The first session from men`s divisions. And the point is to pick fight from around the world and tournaments, mostly the biggest one.


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