Fights of the year 2019 – Inspirations..

Rahim Kamali / Iran

Through a jungle of tournaments and championships, it becomes natural to separate some from each other. With such a diversity – but still with the same titles – one needs some insight. And one must admit that it is a bit special to see athletes attend in 3-4 World Championships in one and the same session. But there has never been so many European Championships/cup, World Championships/cups as now. As a result of this many tournaments struggle to fill their categories. Some many skilled athletes and competitors with unbelievable hard work.

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4th World Open Knockdown Tournament 2013 – draw

Timetable  Day I Day II
Draw Sheets
Draw Sheets for DAY II
Mens  – Lightweight – 70 kg
Mens  – Middleweight -80 kg
Mens – Heavyweight + 80 kg
Female – Lightweight – 60 kg
Female – Heavyweight + 60 kg
Cadet Boys – Lightweight – 68 kg
Cadet Boys – Middleweight + 68kg
Cadet Boys – Heavyweight + 78 kg
Cadet Girls –  Lightweight – 58 kg
Cadet Girls –  Heavyweight + 58 kg