Shinkyokushin at 35th Martial Arts Festival – France

The 35th version of the legendary martial art festival in France will be held 21st March. Full Contact karate Kyokushin has been represented here in several occasions, but far as we know not Shinkyokushin. Shihan Jesus Talan / Spain will be a part of the representation. This is the largest event of this type in Europe, and it is a huge honor to be be a part of it.
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Fights of the year 2019 – Women

As in the previous article we will look at some of the fights held in 2019. One more year have come to and end, many strong achievements tons of fights, tournaments and championships. It shouldn’t be necessary to mention, but the level in total increases, and it will continue to do so if the circumstances are right, and if conditions are adequately organized. Many really impressing fights – and we have some more here..

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Fights of the year 2019 – Inspirations..

Rahim Kamali / Iran

Through a jungle of tournaments and championships, it becomes natural to separate some from each other. With such a diversity – but still with the same titles – one needs some insight. And one must admit that it is a bit special to see athletes attend in 3-4 World Championships in one and the same session. But there has never been so many European Championships/cup, World Championships/cups as now. As a result of this many tournaments struggle to fill their categories. Some many skilled athletes and competitors with unbelievable hard work.

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4th World Open Knockdown Tournament 2013 – draw

Timetable  Day I Day II
Draw Sheets
Draw Sheets for DAY II
Mens  – Lightweight – 70 kg
Mens  – Middleweight -80 kg
Mens – Heavyweight + 80 kg
Female – Lightweight – 60 kg
Female – Heavyweight + 60 kg
Cadet Boys – Lightweight – 68 kg
Cadet Boys – Middleweight + 68kg
Cadet Boys – Heavyweight + 78 kg
Cadet Girls –  Lightweight – 58 kg
Cadet Girls –  Heavyweight + 58 kg