Norwegian Shinkyokushin Summercamp 2022

From 30. June to 3rd July, the Norwegian Shinkyokushin Summercamp will be held in Horten, Norway. Main instructors of the camp will be non other than Cristian Bolduț Sensei / Romania and Anikka Peterson Sensei / Sweden. Also attending guest of honor Dan Tiuca Sensei / Romania.

Shinkyokushin Norway 2022 Summsercamp
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Camp Banzai 2022 Sweden

Banzai invites you to Camp Banzai 2022 with great profiles and atmosphere to lift your spirit and knowledge! The weekend 26th to 28th August, Gothenburg, Sweden – Banzai will welcome you with guest instructors from Lithuania: Donatas Imbras Sensei and Brigita Gustaitytė Sensei..

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NKO i Stora Höga Open

Så var det klart for Stora Höga Open, som avholdes i Sverige ikke langt fra Gøteborg. Dette er et bredde stevne som geografisk ligger meget gunstig til for region øst, og som har vært fast på kalenderen i flere år. I årets utgave var nivået jekket opp noen hakk – og NM tittler sto ikke så høyt i kurs som man skulle ønske. Bergen, Oslo Ringerike og Arendal tok turen, og stillte i full bredde!

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The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate Championships

The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate will be held 21st and 22nd May. Year after year we are impressed by the level and the number of fighters at such a high level. With 5 categories in the men’s division, that gives us in total 274 fighters, 4 categories in the women’s division with 98 fighters in total. Again the land of Karate, Japan lead the way.

The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate – official website JFKO
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Monika Zielińska, Poland

The impact of Monika Zielińska in the European Championship in 2021, Georgia really set focus on a extraordinary fighter. With a drive beyond what we have been seen before, and a devastating back-kick to top it all. Who else can overpower three World Champion in the one and same tournament? Taking the European Championship tittle i 2018 – moving up i the heaviest category with stiff competition more tittles and being the best fighter of the tournament as well.

Photo by Algimantas Barzdzius
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Shinkyokushin EC 2023 – Sweden

A historic event will be held in Sweden, Gothenburg, in the beginning of April 2023. The European Karate Championship Shinkyokushinkai will for the first time be held in Sweden! As a Fullcontact Kyokushin nation, Sweden has always held a high standard in the total aspect of Kyokushin Karate. The host is selected, the menu is European Championship.

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EC 2004 – semi finals and finals

We have just witness a great European Championship in Poland, and now we will take a trip back to 2004 – a video that contains semi, and finals – unfortunately not women categories, but top fighters as Dimtar Popov Lasha Khachaporidze Jakoeb Groenhof Darius Gudauskas Daniel Torok and Donatas Imbras with more..

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SKK Fight Camp 2022, Sverige med NKO

Helgen 8-9 April var det SKK Fight camp i Bosön, Stockholm, Sverige. Bosön er Sveriges toppidrettssenter, et uikt møtested for eliteidrett og utdanning. Og det var akkurat det man fikk inntrykk av under helges camp – med og av Sveriges landslagsutøvere og apparat! “Vi utforsker → erfarer → deler, for så å gjøre det igjen og igjen, på stadig høyere nivå”

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Shinkyokushin EC 2022

Saturday 2, April, in one hectic day – the European Championship Shinkyokushin was held in Tarnów, Poland. Trough the difficult times recovering after Covid – and now with the attack on Ukraine, many assumed that it would have an impact at the championship – how much? Some podium was untouched as others turned up side down.

All picture used in this article, taken by Svein Olaf Bennæs / NKO Shin Norway
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