2nd World Cup 2001




For the first time this kind of event was held outside of Japan. And without doubt this was a great success. The quality was excellent, and the overall impression was excluded posetive.

Shihan Collins also preformed a great demostration.




In the lightweight Takahiro Miyano of Japan defeat Ari Assri Lebanon. The strong Russian fighter Vasiliy Kudiakov fought against  Shiuchiro Tada Japan, Tada ending up at the 4th place this day. He had also fought a close and hard fight against the  Hungaian Gabor Nemeth, and Shiuchiro Tada was beaten by his country man Takahiro Miyano. Third place went also to a fighter from Japan. In the other half of the draw Ken Kato defeated the strong fighter of Bulgaria : Dimtri Popov. Kato also beat Francisco Cornejo of Urugua, befor he meet his match in Viktor Karasyuk from Russia. Both fighter showed great skills, but the Russian fighter was the strongest and fought his way to the final. Takahiro Miyano of Japan and Viktor Karasyuk fought even, and after two extensions the fighters could not be separated and Japan's Takahiro Miyano took the title having broken most boards.




 1. Takahiro Miyano  
  2. Viktor Karasyuk  
  3. Ken Kato 
  4. Shuichiro Tada    


The middleweight had some heavy favorites, and one of them was World Tournament runner up Muzaffer Bacak. He started of good with a victory against Australia's Zac Hayes and then Uruguayan Fabian Lasalt. Bacak ended at 4th place, after a loss against Russian middleweight champion Vitaly Kolodyazhny,the Russian was declared the victor by tameshwari. The Russian fighter prefomed strong, and did also beat Japanese middleweight champion Kenji Miyag. In the final Vitaly Kolodyazhny faced three time former European Champion Paulius Klapatauskas of Lithuania. Klapatauskas had on his road to the final beaten Hungary's Laszlo Jarabik and then defeated Australian middleweight Champion Sam Gilbert to set up a semi final match with Japan's Takahiro Nakazano. The final was a great fight, and no one would give an inch! It was a match that was once again decided on boards with Klapatauskas being crowned the champion


1. Paulius Klapatauskas 
 2. Vitaly Kolodyazhny  
 3. Takahiro Nakazono       
 4. Muzaffer Bacak

In the heavy weight category opened Dennis Grigoriev Russia with a victory against homefighter Kalman Kozma and then the very experienced Shinji Sakamoto of Japan. In the semi final Grioriev faced Olexiy Kasatanov from Ukraine. The Ukranian fighter, known for his eminent fighting,This fight saw three hard rounds before the Grigoriev prevailed over the gallant Kasatanov 3-0 after the second extension. The Russian fighter was ready for the final.

Gedeminas Tankevicius from Lithuania become the other fighter to reach the final. And doing so he had to fight his way throught hard competition. Andrey Petrovskiy of Kazakhstan and then Tankevicius caused an upset by defeating Nobuhiro Kashiwagi of Japan after two extensions, before he meet Russia's Maxim Shevchenko in the semi final. In the final could Tankevicius not keep it up against Grigoriev,and the Russian took the title after 3 minutes.


 1. Denis Grigoriev 
  2. Gediminas Tankevicius 
  3. Olexey Kasatanov  
  4. Maxim Shevchenko